Lighting Design

The Mentor

Bath Theatre Royal

Directed by Laurence Boswell, design Polly Sullivan

With F. Murray Abraham, Naomi Frederick, Daniel Weyman, Jonathan Cullen

Photos Simon Annand

General Ramblings

Lying about Onions

Both this article from Gizmodo and the Original article in Slate are excellent. The first shows just how serious Google’s shortcomings are in the fight against internet disinformation- the second is just really important advice about cooking onions. 

Lighting Design

Wales Theatre Awards

I’m really delighted to have won best Lighting Design for Rob Hastie’s amazing production of Cat on a hot tin roof. Ever so proud of the show- Janet Bird also nominated for best design. She created a space that was beautiful to light. Thanks chaps! X

General Ramblings

The West Wing

Over the last 8 years I’ve felt little need to watch The West Wing- it felt like Obama could more than equal Josiah Bartlett- in fact the Obama White House was considerably freer of scandal than Aaron Sorkin’s creation. Yet as we approach Jan 20th I’m reminded of how I felt during Bush’s presidency, how the West Wing provided escapist fantasy.

Annoyingly, even with 7 seasons, with 1461 days of Trump ahead and only 155 West Wing episodes it’s not possible to watch a show a week and ride out Donald Trump’s reign in escapist bliss. You’d run out of West Wing  round about the first week in January 2020 a good year early. Instead I can allow myself an episode every 9.5 days.

Let’s start watching